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Petitions Library

The Petitions Library contains every NLRB representation (RC) petition and all decertification petitions filed since 1995. This information on where unions are focusing organizing campaigns is invaluable to attorneys and the Petitions Library is the place you should search regularly to monitor those union organizing trends.

Elections Library

The Elections Library contains records of every NLRB RC, RD, and RM election conducted since 1995. Use the information from this library to analyze the results of an election in a specific area in order to determine a union's relative strengths, weaknesses, and level of activity.

Contracts Library

The Contracts Library contains contact information for the union and company involved and expiration date of each contract. Use the information from this library to determine a union's penetration in a specific area or to acquire detailed information about the company and union named in a contract.

Strikes Library

The Strikes Library includes records of strikes and other work stoppages occurring since 1995. Use the information from this library, as reported by the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, to ascertain the likelihood of union members walking the picket line.

ULP Charges Library

The ULP Charges Library contains charges filed against unions by their own members and charges filed against companies. Typically, charges filed against unions involve incidents of favoritism and interests of the union coming in conflict with interests of members, including threats of physical violence against members who disagree with union policy. Charges may be downloaded in PDF format.

Searching the Libraries

All of the LRIrightnow Featured Libraries are searched in the same manner—fill in the search form with the criteria that will show you exactly what you want, then decide how you'd like to view or print them. It's easy to find what you're looking for because we charge a flat fee for the Featured Libraries, which lets you refine your search as much as you wish.

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